Welcome to today’s episode! We are so excited to announce that we have joined Community Access Lending. With our new mortgage company, we have a wide range of loan products available to finance your home. From a single-family residence to a single wide manufactured home, million-dollar homes to condos in the strip.

Our Mission Statement from Joshua Coomer

In the Beginning…

How are we different from our mortgage competitors? Who are our customers? What motivates us to provide this service? These are a few questions we have asked ourselves in an effort to bring focus to our growing organization in the form of a mission statement.

We realize one thing great companies have in common is they live and breathe their mission statement.

We are pleased to present Community Access Lending’s mission statement – a heartfelt expression of who we are, who we aim to be, why we do what we do and how we hope to be known.

Home Financing Partner

We seek lifelong relationships with our customers, referral partners and community members. We strive to provide the level of service our borrowers expect and deserve, time and time again. We want our customers to become raving fans who will refer us to their family and friends. Referrals allow us to harness the power of social proof as there is no greater compliment than being referred to a family member or friend.

Family, Friends & Community

We understand that we all exist as part of something larger. Our culture is unique in the way our employees possess a mutual respect and genuine care for each other. We work together to help people achieve their dreams of home ownership in a professional and efficient manner. We are dedicated to being a positive influence and aim to contribute to the greater good as friends, family and members of the communities we serve. We understand that we can impact everyone we touch and improve the lives of all those we serve, work with, as well as the communities we live in.

Mortgage Professionals

We are committed to achieving and performing at our personal best. Our business is demanding in technical expertise, understanding people’s needs, and communicating effectively during periods of stress. This requires an enduring commitment to personal and professional improvement and knowledge growth. This commitment is necessary to be recognized as the best in the business and to help our family and friends quickly and efficiently navigate the home buying or refinancing process.

Integrity, Ethics and Honesty

Integrity, ethics and honesty are the foundation of all valued relationships. We will maintain an unwavering dedication to this foundation in our relationships with co-workers, friends, family and the community at large. We will hold each other accountable to this standard of conduct.