A very common question we get is, when will the market crash? There are so many people concerned about inflation, overpriced homes, rising interest rates and not being able to afford home ownership. But is should we be gloomy?

No! Home ownership is still achievable if you start with a budget, make sure you live within your means and understand that your first home may not be the million-dollar homes we see on TV. Building generational wealth is so important.

In this episode of The WineDown we address those concerns, as well as in Monday’s episode 35 of Coffee, Homes & Loans “Are We Heading Towards a Market Crash?”.

You can find it here https://youtu.be/w_GxvDIXRYo

The MBS Highway Buy vs Video is below!

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Historic Railroad Tunnel Trailhead, @ThatAdventureLife has an awesome video of the exact same trail we hiked, check it out here.

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