In this episode Phil Whalen from WIN Home Inspection joins us to give us an insight into the process of getting a home inspection and why is very important to get one before you buy a home whether is resale or new construction.

Did you know that home inspectors are regulated by the real estate board? That’s right, a reputable home inspector will follow the Nevada Real Estate Board rules and regulations before inspecting your home.

Home Inspections are not talked about enough and sometimes home buyers believe they don’t need them because they are technically not required to purchase a home. However, we strongly believe that performing a home inspection prior to buying a home is very important – this is likely the largest purchase you’ll ever make. You want to make sure the mechanical systems in the home are working, that there are no leaks in the roof or around the property, that the home is safe to occupy and much more.

Home inspectors don’t need to have a special license to inspect a pool or pool equipment, it is a plus if your home inspector is familiar with pool maintenance and repair to give you an accurate report.

What about solar panels? You can ask your home inspector to take a look at the solar panels for a couple of main concerns, pigeon nesting or if the panels are damaged. Then your inspector can recommend some repairs if there is noticeable damage or concerns.

Remember that a home inspector’s main purpose is to look for any anomalies in the home. This means they are looking for any plumbing issues, erosion on a pipe, is there evidence of any previous water damage? These are the things that alert inspectors to call in a professional to observe the problem area and take the next steps, so your home is safe and functioning when move In day comes.

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