Today we are joined by Jadyne Wrobel from Stewart Title in Las Vegas to chat about the differences between the Millennial and Gen-Z generations, what drives their purchases and how they see real estate.

Both generations are heavily influenced by online advertising and both tend to purchase directly from social media ads. However, Millennials buy products or services based on feelings, something that will bring them happiness and a positive experience. Gen-Z will do more investigating when purchasing online to make sure they will find a good use for what they are buying and will have use for it time and time again.

Do you agree? How about real estate?

Do you think is better to door knock in a neighborhood or send an email marketing campaign?

Our suggestion is to try to master one way of advertising, be consistent with it to stay in front of your customer or target audience when building your brand.

For Millennials – If you prefer the face-to-face interaction, by all means walk through the neighborhood and door knock, meet your potential sellers, host an open house to meet potential buyers and follow up with a phone call. It’s important to do this weekly or as long as you have your listing so potential sellers and buyers get use to your presence and you can become their go to expert.

For Gen-Z – Stay virtual, make sure your online presence in social media is strong, pair it up with a website with a contact form. Keep your raw content on-going in your Instagram, Facebook and TikTok stories that show who you really are. For the Gen-Z generation, who you are is your brand.

Other Motivations

Millennials thrive when it comes to problem solving, the ability to learn and help others helps them excel in a fast-paced environment and get used to new ways of advertising.

Gen Z are fast learners and go-getters, they can easily learn new programs, software and adjust to the ever-changing algorithms, as well as embrace new tools like AI, as they become available.

What is your generation? What do you appreciate of other generations? Leave your comments below and we’ll see you next time.