Movement Purchase Power is an exclusive program Movement Mortgage has that helps sellers get a cash offer for their home to free up their equity. How does it work?

  1. Let’s come up with an action plan – are you buying a new home? How fast are you looking to move? Do you have tenants in place and need to wait until their lease is completed? Whatever the case, we can come up with the perfect timeline that fits your specific scenario.
  2. Get pre-approved – if you are buying a new home, Movement Mortgage will help you get an underwritten credit approval with the estimated proceeds of the sale of your home so you can be sure you can qualify to buy a new home before you sell your current property.
  3. Let’s get you a cash offer – Movement Mortgage’s partner will give you a cash offer for your home, provide a breakdown of the closing costs, estimated concierge fees and how quickly they can close.
  4. We’ll work with your agent – Once the cash transaction is completed. Movement Mortgage will work with your real estate agent to sell your home while vacant to free up with your equity. If your home receives a higher offer than list price, you will get the additional funds!

**See scenario below. The proceeds of the home will be disbursed in two parts. There will be concierge fees. Please inquiry to receive your personalized scenario.**

Movement Purchase Power vs Traditional Sale

One of the biggest obstacles for sellers and their agents is to make the property available to potential buyers and stage it when it’s occupied. Most buyers have a hard time seeing through personal belongings, have busy work schedules or don’t like to visit a home when there are pets in the property. By utilizing Movement Purchase Power cash offer, sellers can free up their equity, move onto their new home and let their real estate agent stage the home, clean it, put a lock box, hold open houses, and allow potential buyers to visit the home at their convenience and spend as much time as needed in the property so they are moved to make an offer.

When is a good time to explore this option?

If you have been asked to reduce the sales price or your home has been listed for a while, inquiry to get a cash offer. Movement Purchase Power will provide a fair market value offer for your home allowing you to vacate the property and buy a new home without the hassle and stress of ongoing showings.

How much does it cost?

You will be required to pay your closing costs (seller side), pay real estate agents (commission for listing and buying side ranges from 4% to 6%) and pay a concierge fee to Movement Mortgage’ partner for facilitating the program.

Do I have to pay to get an estimate?

NO! Send us a message and we’ll get you contacted with our partners, get you an offer and fee breakdown so you can compare before doing a list price reduction. See it as part of your due diligence and make sure to keep your agent in the loop.